When Buying Stuff at CVS is Cheaper Than Amazon

cvs extra bucks

Don’t get me wrong. I am a huge Amazon fan and along with being a Prime member I buy Kindle books, music, and practically everything I can from Amazon.com, even when they charge sales tax in my state (Virginia).  However, despite the high prices at drugstore chains like CVS, I sometimes find that buying stuff with their CVS Extra Bucks rewards program can actually be cheaper than Amazon.

Let’s take a look at an example. I need some whey protein. This week CVS is running a buy 1 get 1 50% off on health items. In addition, you can earn $10 in CVS Extra Bucks for any $25 health purchase on select items. One of those items happens to be EAS Whey Protein (2 lb). The regular price is $29.99 (obviously way over priced). I immediately check the same product on Amazon.com and they are selling is for half of what CVS is charging at only $15.00. Obviously, I should order it from Amazon, done deal.

However, just out of curiosity I wondered what the effective price would be if I took advantage of all the deals that CVS was throwing at me. Could they possibly beat Amazon’s price.

Today I received a $5 off $25 purchase in my email from CVS. I also have a $3.00 coupon that I found in the Sunday paper.

Here’s how the math works out.

$44.98 (2 x EAS Whey Protein, the second is half price)

– $10.00 (Extra Bucks)

– $5.00 (CVS email coupon)

– $3.00 (Manufacturer coupon)

Net Price = $26.98

Per Unit = $13.49

CVS managed to beat Amazon by 10%. Now, this assumes that I actually use the $10.00 in CVS Extra Bucks to purchase something that I would anyway (likely, but not entirely) especially since there is an expiration on the coupon. It also assumes that I need 2 x EAS Whey Protein, which I don’t and I am only factoring that in because the second unit is half price. But still, saving 10% is nothing to sneeze at.

In fact, there’s more. CVS also rebates 2% of your total spending each quarter in the form of Extra Bucks, so I would also be saving an additional $0.54 on my purchase.

Now, am I going to go out to CVS and actually buy the protein? Probably not since I don’t need 2, but it was fun to see if CVS could beat out Amazon.


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