Get $5 Statement Credit from Amex for Los Angeles Restaurant Week

Amex just launched a promotion where you can earn $5.00 cash back as a statement credit on your Amex card for spending $21.00 or more during Los Angeles restaurant week. Unfortunately, this is not a very generous offer and pales in comparison to past offers like the Amex Chicago Restaurant Week $20 Offer. You can follow this link to see the list of participating restaurant week restaurants. Keep in mind that this offer is valid from July 15-16, 2013.

According to the terms and conditions, you can only register one Amex card for this restaurant week offer, however last year I registered 4 cards and received the bonus on all of them. The real kicker, and I don’t recommend doing this, but it does work is splitting an single check and paying with multiple Amex cards. I added my wife as an authorized user of my SPG Amex card. Obviously you are going to spend much more than $21.00 eating out at one of these restaurants. If the bill comes out to let’s say $50.00, I just hand the server my card and my wife’s card (which are both registered to my account) and earn the statement credit for both cards! I suppose this would be weird if you had two different Amex cards in your name and tried to split the check, but I’ve seen people do this too.

Anyway, lucky Los Angeles residents can enjoy this offer. Have fun dining out!


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