Free American Admirals Club Pass With Good Klout Score

It appears that now days you need more than just a good credit score in life.

American Airlines is giving away a free One Day Admirals Day Pass when you check your Klout Score using their page. From the online discussions spewing, it appears they have set a required minimum score of 55 in order to get the free one day pass. If your score is below you will get a $50 off an annual membership (which costs $500 for general members and discounted by $25 for every elite level up to Executive Platinum).

For those who have no idea what Klout is…Wired Magazine has a great article that talks about how companies are using this score to not only had out free perks, but to also build their social media following and even make hiring decisions! It also sounds like people with high Klout scores are also getting offered freebies. To see some of the free stuff people are getting you can follow Klout Perks on Twitter.


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