Loading Bluebird Card at Wal-Mart Using Visa Gift Cards

It was recently discovered that Visa gift cards can be used for purchases run as a debit card. This can be useful when you receive Visa or Mastercard gift cards for rebates, or when you purchase them from an Office Store to earn the 5x Ultimate Rewards points on your Chase Ink Bold Mastercard, or Ink Plus Card. The only thing that you must do before hand is call the number on the back of your Visa gift card and set a PIN. The process only took me 2 minutes. 

The great thing about being able to set a PIN is that you can load your American Express Blue Bird card at Wal-Mart using your Visa gift card. Even better, you don’t have to go to an agent at the customer service counter to do it, you can simply go to the Wal-Mart money center and do it there. The process was very easy. The only snag I encountered was that you can only load your card up to the amount on your Visa gift card. For instance, if you have a $100 gift card, you will only be able to load your card for $100 and nothing more. It appears that unfortunately the Wal-Mart money center the machine does not have the ability to load the Bluebird Card with more than one debit card.

When I tried to load an amount for more than the balance on the Visa gift card, I received the following printed error.


Here are instructions for loading your card at the Money Center.

1. Select at funds to Wal-Mart Cash Card

2. Swipe your Bluebird Card

3. Select “reload card”

4. Enter amount (remember it must be less than or equal to the amount on your Visa gift card)

5. You should then receive a receipt and an email from American Express stating that your Bluebird card was reloaded successfully (I received my email in just a few minutes after my transaction).



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