Starwood Double Take Promotion – Good Hotel Bonus for Summer Travel


Today Starwood announced their summer 2013 SPG bonus promotion called “Double Take” where they are offering double Starpoints on stays between May 1 – July 31. While double points is certainly not earth shattering, I rate this promotion 3.5 out of 5 stars. For one, the double Starpoints points applies to any stay (not limited to weekday or weekend). Usually hotels like to reward business travel and limit the bigger bonuses to weekday travel. Of course, summer is more of a vacation period, so a lot of people would be traveling on the weekend, which SPG would not want to reward with a bonus because people would be booking these stays anyway (unless they think they are stealing some business from other chains). 

What’s more interesting is the second element of their “Double Take” promotion where you earn a 500 Starwood point bonus on stays booked through the mobile site, or mobile app (iPhone and Android). I value Starpoints at 2.5 cents/points (even with their recent devaluation), so 500 Starpoints is worth about $12.50. Not bad!

How much is the Double Take promotion worth?

Well, let’s assume you are booking a $100 stay. 

For general member: Base earning = $100 x 2 points/dollar = 200 points

Double points bonus = 200 points

Mobile app booking bonus = 500 points

Total take = 900 points ($22.50 worth of points)

What becomes interesting is the bonus for Platinum members.

Base earnings = 200 points

50% bonus = 100 points

Double points bonus = 200 points

Mobile app bonus = 500 points

Platinum amenity = 500 points

Assuming you elect to take the 500 point SPG Platinum bonus (250 at Four Points, Aloft, Element), you would get a total 1,500 points (worth $37.50). You are getting a 37.5% rebate on your stays!

Bottom Line

This is a solid promotion for summer travel and definitely worth pursuing considering a lack of good hotel bonus promotions over the last few months.

Remember, you must register here for the promotion.

As usual Starwood has a huge list of non-participating properties, so make sure you check this list before booking.


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