Get $25 Statement Credit On $100 Purchase

Amex keeps on grinding out great offers through their FaceBook “Link, Like, Love” promotion. Right now you can add the a $25 free statement credit when you spend $100 at Like other similar offers you can simply go to and buy a $100 gift card to earn the credit. I’ve done this before with a similar deal from Amex and Ticketmaster. If you don’t already know how Amex’s Link, Like, Love promotion works, here is a quick rundown.

First, link your Amex card to your FaceBook profile here.

Next, add the offer to your FB account by clicking on the Amex Sync icon and locating the offer.

Finally, go to and buy a $100 gift card.

One of the great things about buying Costco gift cards is that they will allow you to go into the store even if you don’t have a membership! All you have to do is show the greeter that you have a gift card and they will let you in. Then when you check out, if your purchase is higher than the $100 gift card value, just pay for the rest with cash or a debit card.


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