Chicago 2013 A La Card Deck 20% Off + 2012 Deck Free

Most Chicago foodies know about the A La Card deck which is a card deck of 52 cards that each feature $10 off $30 (sometimes they are a % off) at restaurants. You can usually buy the deck for $30 online, at local stores, and at festivals. I have personally found that the deck is particularly useful to not only try new restaurants, but also to get a discount at very popular restaurants that don’t need to offer promotions. Ones that immediately come to mind are Longman & Eagle, and The Bristol. These restaurants serve exceptional food with painstaking attention to detail and excellent service, so they don’t need to offer discounts to attract new customers. However, both are part of the A La Card, which I don’t fully understand, but this fact illustrates the value of this deck, and also the work that the folks at A La Card put into selecting good restaurants to partner with and feature.

Right now you can pre-order the 2013 A La Card deck and get a free 2012 deck (good for only 2 more months) for $30 including shipping! This is probably the best deal of the year! You will certainly make your money back after using the card only 3 times. Remember, that shipping is $5.95, but you can get 20% off right now by using promo code “2013PRE” when you order.


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