Dine 4x Get $40 Bonus Cash Back at Upromise Dining Oct – Dec 2012

Upromise is offering a new promotion where you can earn $40 bonus cash by simply paying for 4 dines of $40 or more at participating restaurants by December 31, 2012. You must register here first. Remember that this bonus cash back is on top of the 2-8% you would earn on the dine itself. If you are curious about the tiered earning rates you can find them here.

At the moment I am Silver status, which means I earn a measly 4% cash back on my restaurant dines. I suppose its better than the 2% bronze tier that I was at before, but it’s still not comparable to the airline and hotel Rewards Network earnings, where you can earn a minimum of 3 miles per dollar, which could equal an effective payout of 6% if you value miles like United or American Airlines at 2 cents/mile. Of course, Upromise is effectively cash, not miles, so there is some value there, especially when you consider that airlines tend to devalue their miles over time.

How do I get in on this deal?

1 – You have to be a Upromise member first. Register here.

2 – You must register the credit card that you will use to pay for the meal here.

3 – Register for the $40 bonus promotion here.

4 – Go to this page to find a restaurant near your home and complete four dines of $40 or more each.

5 – The bonus will be issued 6-8 weeks after the end of the promotion.

Back in September I wrote about a $25 Upromise dining bonus, which I successfully completed and the cash was deposited in my account less than a month after completion of the bonus.

Am I in On This Deal?

Good question. It can’t hurt to register, but it did take a considerable amount of planning to hit the $25 bonus last time, so I will probably not go out of my way to plan these dines out, but if I happen to hit 2 of them anyway, I might adjust my dining schedule to squeeze in the last two. In fact, it would make the last one free if I were going to spend just $40 on that meal. Also keep in mind that you can purchase gift cards at restaurants, which would qualify as a dine.


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