Amex Comes Through On the $30 Statement Credit For Washington DC

At the beginning of July Amex released a Summer in DC promotion where you could earn a $30 statement credit for spending $150 at three different participating vendors in Washington D.C. between July 1-31.

I happened to be in DC for a weekend trip with my wife and we stayed at the Fairfax Hotel at Embassy Row, which happened to be one of the participating businesses. Of course, the daily room rate alone was over $150, so the hard part was finding two more vendors to qualify for this promo. After looking up the list on my iPhone, we happened to visit the National Portrait Gallery, which was surprisingly good. If you ever stop by the 3rd floor has some fantastic portraits of famous, musicians, actors, and athletes. We also enjoyed a bottle of water purchased on my SPG Amex in the covered courtyard in the center of the museum (transaction #2). Finally, we spent a Sunday wandering around Georgetown and I had lunch at The Tombs (transaction #3).

I knew Amex sometimes has issues tracking these types of somewhat complicated promotions, so I put a reminder in my calendar for 30 days after the end of the promotion. I decided to wait that long because a typical excuse the reps will give you if you email/call right after the promo is that the credit will be issued when your statement closes. This never, ever happens and I have no idea why they are instructed to tell you this, other than that they assume you will trust them and forget about it. In any case, Amex does have outstanding customer service, and it took me all of 10 seconds to email them. I received a response in 2 hours stating that my credit would be issued in 24-48 hours!

Like I said, this promo was a bit more complicated that I would like, and it happened to occur on a trip that was already planned, but it pays to keep up with the Amex promos in and outside of your city.


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