Get Avis President’s Club Free for United Club Cardholders

One of the little known features of the Chase United Visa Club Card is you get Avis President’s Club status free for a year. Avis President’s Club status comes with some nice benefits including:

What does President’s Club status get me?

– Guaranteed car rental availability even without a reservation

– Complementary two car-class upgrade with every intermediate car class or higher rental

– Free day of Avis where2 GPS navigation on rentals of 3 days or more

– Access to members-only reservation line

– Up to 30% off standard rates at participating Avis locations in Europe, Canada, Latin America, and Asia

Finally, you also get access to the expedited line where you don’t have to speak with an agent at the counter to get your car (however this service is available for Avis Preferred members as well).

I don’t particularly think that Avis President’s Club is worth much besides the free two car-class upgrade, which can definitely save you money if you were planning to rent a full or premium sized car anyway. I typically book my car rentals at least a week out, so the guaranteed availability doesn’t matter to me. The 30% off standard rates seems like a good deal, but Avis also seems to frequently be priced higher than other car companies, who often run more lucrative promotions, so I rarely book with Avis now days. Of course that may change if Avis runs a good promo in 3Q when I have some business travel coming up. In fact, speak of the devil, Avis just announced a promotion where you can earn 3,000 American miles with a one-day rental or 5,000 American miles with a three-day rental at Avis. Just beware that rentals must be from participating locations and must start by August 31st to qualify.

One thing I do like about Avis is the fact that they are the only rental car company where you can earn Starwood points (50 points/day) for rentals, which obviously is my favorite loyalty program. Regardless, this is totally free, so you might as well spend the 3 minutes to sign up if you have the United Club Card.

How do I get the status?

To get the status you can either sign up at using this link, or if you are already an Avis Preferred Member you must call 1-757-687-2008 and they will upgrade you. It only took me 3 minutes to call, provide my Avis Wizard Number and the agent automatically upgraded me.


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