Free Lifetime Premier Membership at UsingMiles Courtesy of Lufthansa Flyer

Today you can get a free Lifetime Premier membership to UsingMiles ($29.95 value) by following the link below.…&pc=LFLYER

This program is very similar to AwardWallet (also free by the way), but UsingMiles supports both American Airlines AAdvantage and Southwest Rapid Rewards, which are both not supported by AwardWallet.

Here is a list of programs supported.

I haven’t tried the service yet, but I’m looking forward to trying it. It’s very convenient to be able to track all of my point/mileage balances in one place, especially the expiration dates, which has saved me on several occasions. I’m a little dissatisfied by the pace of development at AwardWallet, which just seems to be on auto-pilot right now. I really don’t understand how they are making any money by simply asking for a $5 donation every 6 months just for them to turn on some of the advanced tracking features.

My advice is to just sign up before they kill this offer. If indeed this service is worth $30 (I highly doubt it), it’s a low risk way to get a potentially great service for free!


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