Getting The Amex Free $10 Shop Small Discount Using Level Up Even if You Don’t Live in Chicago, Philadelphia, or Boston

Last week I blogged about the $10 Amex Shop Small promotion. You can read my original post here.

One of the issues with the $10 Amex Shop Small promotion is that most people do not live in Chicago, Boston, or Philadephia (the only cities where the promotion is available). However, I believe I have a solution to this!

About a month ago I posted an analysis of a new start up called Level Up that allows you to pay for purchases using your iPhone. Level Up has relationships with restaurants in many major cities, and is basically a system that allows small business to accept credit card payments (who do not already do so), or a convenience for customers who want to pay by mobile phone, or a loyalty program for small businesses. Level Up is currently in Chicago, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, San Francisco, San Diego, and Atlanta.

What I just realized about Level Up was that they are headquartered in Boston, one of the Amex Shop Small promo cities. As you can see from my Bank of America credit card statement. My last purchase through Level Up was charged by a merchant in Boston, MA.

Hence, even if you don’t live in Boston, you can register your Amex for the Shop Small promotion where you get a $10 statement credit for spending $10, and then sign up and make a purchase through Level Up to qualify for the promotion!

It’s a bit complicated, but here’s what you do:

1 – Register your Amex card for the Shop Small promotion here.

2 – Sign up for Level Up and create an account here.

3 – Download the Level Up app here.

4 – Make sure your Amex is registered to your Level Up account, find a vendor that accepts Level Up and make a purchase over $10.

5 – You should receive a $10 statement credit in 3-5 business days, and if you don’t just email Amex customer service.

Now, please keep in mind that I have not tested this myself, since I just thought of it today, but I’m 85% sure that it will work. My only concern is that Amex doesn’t consider Level Up a small business, but they are a brand new start up, so I think it’s pretty safe to assume they are a small business.


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