Amazon Now Offering Cash Back Through Ebates

In my opinion the holy grail of online cash back opportunities. Not because they offer a high cash back percentage, but because I buy so much darn stuff from Amazon and it kills me not to get some sort of kick back from them when every other merchant seems to offer some incentive online.

Previously the only shopping portal I could find that offered Amazon cash back/miles was the Hawaiian Airlines e-Market at 1 miles/$1. But now it appears that Amazon has started a relationship with eBates offering 3% cash back through their portal. The offer seems to only be available for the following select departments:

– Athletic Shoes & Sandals
– Outdoor Grill & Patio Furniture

– Swimwear
– Grocery & Gourmet

However, I am of the mindset that even if you link through one of these departments featured on eBates and make a purchase, you may still be awarded the full cash back amount, especially if one of the items was from that department. The reason I believe this is because I have seldom seen a merchant limit cash back by department (other than online travel), which may be due to technology reasons, but considering that Amazon is amongst the most advanced online retailers thechnology wise, they might have found a way to look at your cart post checkout and break the cash back out by what you bought. In fact, they would have to sync back up with eBates to reconcile this after your purchase, which may or may not be worth their time or effort, especially for a measly $3 on a $100 purchase.  In addition, Amazon seems to clearly care more about revenue than cost, demonstrated by their recent quaterly reports. Regardless, this indeed is worth test! Please report back on your success or failures.

In summary, this a rare opportunity to earn Cash back from Amazon, so click away!


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