Jump On The Amex Shop Small Bandwagon to Get $10 Free (Chicago, Boston, and Philadelphia Residents Only)

Amex loves to run “Shop Small” promotions where they offer statement credits, or free gift cards if you register and make a purchase at a participating retailer/partner who is considered a Small Business during the promotional period. For the last several years they have run a Holiday Small Business Saturday promotion where you can earn a $25 gift card for spending $25 at one of their participating merchants.

This time they are offering a $10 statement credit if you register and make a $10 purchase in a single transaction using your Amex at participating merchants. Offer ends on July 4th, 2012. Unfortunately the fine print indicates that you can’t earn this bonus if you’ve already received one for a FaceBook, Twitter, or FourSquare promotion.

How do I sign up?

1. Register your Amex card online. If you are a Chicago resident, register here.

Boston and Philadelphia residents can also register for the promotion.

2. Find a merchant and make a $10 or more purchase.

3. Check your credit card statement a week later to make sure Amex issued the $10 credit.

In the past I have had to contact Amex by email because they did not automatically issue the credit to me. This was an annoyance, but they have always come through and issued the credit within 2-3 days after I contacted them.

If I were you, I’d jump on this offer immediately and crank out a quick $10 spend for lunch or drinks. Like I always say, there is indeed such a thing as a free lunch!


5 thoughts on “Jump On The Amex Shop Small Bandwagon to Get $10 Free (Chicago, Boston, and Philadelphia Residents Only)

    1. volkswankin Post author

      It appears that it is not restricted by resident, but by location of the merchant. From the T&Cs”

      “Registration is limited. Spend $10 or more in a single purchase by 7/4/12. Offer valid in-store at qualifying small businesses in the Philadelphia metro area.”

      Looks like an online order fulfilled from a merchant located in Chicago/Boston/Philadelphia would meet the terms of this offer.

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