There Is Such a Thing as a Free Lunch! How To Get a Free Lunch from LevelUp

Thanks to the iPhone, mobile commerce is finally a reality and now there are several companies fighting for user’s wallets, and a slice of merchant’s marketing budgets. What’s in it for me you ask? In order for these new companies to show restaurants that they can bring new customers ready to spend money, they are giving away free cash…or in this case a free lunch!

One of my favorite new companies offering payments using your mobile phone is LevelUp. It’s basically an iPhone App that you link to your credit card and you simply scan the barcode on the App to pay for items at restaurants in their network. The cool thing is they are currently offering free bonus cash at almost every new restaurant you visit within their network! The free bonus cash ranges from $1- $5 and is subtracted from your bill immediately. On top of that they are offering a free $5 sign up bonus (and a $5 bonus for me if you use my referral link) to new users. Hence, if you sign up and get the $5, you can combine that with a first time visit bonus of ~ $2 to get a free lunch somewhere!

How does LevelUp work?

LevelUp makes money by offering a rewards program to it’s customers (which is likely funded by the restaurants). The rewards program is based on how much you spend at each restaurant (it even looks like bonus cash counts toward your spend as well…for now). Basically, you get 10% back in bonus cash based on $30 – $50 thresholds. For instance, you will get $5 in bonus cash if you spend $50 at that restaurant. What’s even better is that many restaurants allow you to apply their punch card loyalty programs in addition to the LevelUp rewards, which allows you to double dip at certain establishments. I’ve found that you can get up up to 20% in combined rewards at some restaurants in Chicago!

How do I sign up?

Just follow these steps:

1 – Sign up for LevelUp here (make sure the promo code 135031 is applied in the box below the “First Name” box) to get the $5 sign up bonus

2 – Download the iPhone app here

3 – Link your credit card to the app by opening the app and clicking on “Manage Debit/Credit Cards”

4 – Pay by scanning the barcode on the app at the restaurant shown here.

5 – You will receive an email immediately after paying that shows the amount of you meal, with the bonus cash subtracted from the total like the email below.


My advice is to sign up now because you don’t know how long they will continue to offer the free $5 sign up bonus and free cash bonus at new restaurants. Enjoy your free lunch!


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