Regal Crown Club Points & Buy Fandango Movie Vouchers for Only $6

I know this is a stretch for a points related deal, but it’s definitely worth mentioning for those who watch movies frequently. Today Amazon Local is offering a voucher to purchase a Fandango movie ticket for only $6 (up to a $12 value). You can purchase up to 2 per person and the voucher expires on September 30, 2012. The cool thing about this voucher is you can simply enter the promo code on and either print out your tickets or get them at the movie theatre box office by giving them the credit card you used to purchase the tickets.

Movie Theater Loyalty Programs

Here’s where the points strategy comes in. Most national theater companies like AMC and Regal have a loyalty program. I personally like the Regal Crown Club program because a theater is located close to my home and I seem to get a free drink/popcorn/movie ticket almost every other time I visit. Often the theater won’t award you tickets on steeply discounted vouchers (think the saver passes you get in the Entertainment book), however the Fandango ticket looks like any other full value ticket to them. Hence, once you pick the ticket up at the box office, you can simply hand them your Regal Crown Club card and they will issue you points for the ticket. In my case a movie costs $11, so I’ll get 11 points for my purchase! Beware that Regal has a very tricky points system where they limit the number of points you can earn per day to 14, so if you purchase two tickets using one Crown Club card, they will award you only 14 points, and not the 22 that you paid! Lastly, if you buy concessions make sure you hand them your card as well because you earn 2 points per concession purchase.

What can you get with your points?

Here is a link to the list of rewards and points required to earn each reward. Again, it seems like you need a lot of points to earn a reward (50 just for a small popcorn?), but trust me, it’s easier than you think. Not only can you maximize point earnings by buying tickets to “featured movies” that award an extra 5 or even 10 points! Of course, it’s difficult to keep track of these as they rotate frequently, but sometimes you’ll happen to earn a free bonus without even knowing it.

In summary, if you are a movie fan or just planning to hit Avengers or one of the summer blockbusters, make sure you sign up for the theater loyalty program because you might miss out on earning some valuable rewards!


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