Get 3.5GB of Free Online Storage from Dropbox

For those who are semi-tech nerds is currently running their Dropquest 2012 scavenger hunt. The promotion involves solving puzzles, riddles, etc. in order to get up to an extra 1.0GB of free storage space, and possibly win free prizes, which include 100GB free for life, free hoodies, T-shirts, and a Dropbox drawing signed by employees. To win the prizes you must be one of the top (fastest) puzzle solvers, but anyone who participates and completes the quest will get 1.0GB of additional free storage.

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a free online file storage and file sharing website. It allows you to easily upload your files (music, movies, word docs, etc.) to their cloud-based storage network, and access them from any PC, laptop, or smartphone. I find it particularly useful for syncing my files between my work and home computer and also for sharing files between family and friends (you can create a shared folder with documents everyone can access). Are your files secure? Good question. Without having a ton of file encryption and security background, it sounds like your files are pretty safe. Dropbox uses Amazon’s S3 Simple Storage Service security technology (whatever that means), but you can research it further here if you want to. Keep in mind you’ll be wasting precious time. The promotion ends on June 2nd!!

Finally, I also really like the fact that the integration with Windows and Mac is really easy and seamless. When you install the software it creates a “dropbox folder” where you simply copy and paste files into and it automatically syncs them with your account on the cloud and other devices…meaning that if you save a movie on your home computer it will be available next time you open the Dropbox app on your iPhone.

Where do I sign up?

If you’re not a Dropbox member, use my referral link and you will get an additional 500MB (and so will I).

Here is a link to the Dropquest 2012 starting page (you must first sign up to be a user and log in before you can view the Dropquest homepage).

How do I play the game?

When you click on the Dropquest 2012 link, you’ll be introduced to the story, which involves a time machine that breaks down and you must repair the Dropbox core in order to return to your home (place and time). The story is pretty boring, but a lot of the games are interesting, quite clever, and challenging. If you have a technology background you’ll definitely have an edge, since some of the games require manipulating a URL and navigating the web to find a solution to an encryption cipher or how to invert the colors on your Mac. It took me a couple of hours to get through the first 20 chapters, but it’s a fun way to learn more about the service, technology, and get yourself some free storage space!

What do I get out of it?

As I said everyone who completes the game gets an extra 1.0GB of free space, but even if you only complete half the game you’ll still get about half of that. Every challenge you complete gets you an incremental amount of free storage, so you won’t come away empty handed if you don’t finish. Hence, if you are a new user you get:

1 – Basic allotment for a new “free account” – 2.0GB

2 – Bonus for using my referral link – 0.5GB

3 – Dropquest 2012 bonus – 1.0GB

Total free space from Dropbox: 3.5GB

If I were you, I would sign up regardless of whether or not I plan to play the game. Getting 2.5GB of free storage is a no-brainer, and who knows…they may reduce it to 1.0GB at any time. In fact, Dropbox is trying to monetize their service by charging $9.99/month for 50GB, so it’s probably smart to lock in a free account before they change the policy. Of course, I can’t see them taking away free accounts with Microsoft, Google, and Amazon offering free cloud-based storage services.

How do I beat the game?

The Internet wouldn’t be as successful as it is without sharing of information right? So, people have collaborated online to develop guides to help you solve the puzzles. This document on Google Docs has all the answers and even goes into detail on how you would go about solving each of the puzzles. It’s the best guide I’ve found so far. There is another blog that has a more concise approach, but I wanted to understand the solution to the problem, and not just the answer, so the document is your best bet if you’re like me.


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