Buy Choice Hotels Points for Just 0.34 Cents

Starting today at 11:00 am Central Discover Getaways will be selling Choice Hotels points for only 0.415 cents per point! If you purchased points directly from Choice Hotels they would cost you $11 for 1,000 points or 1.1 cents per point. By going through Discover Getaways today you’ll be getting a sweet 62% discount! In fact, if you use your Amex credit card you can get 10% off, bringing the price down even lower to only 0.38 cents per point!

Keep in mind that many travel blogs and sneaky point rich, but cash poor people lurking on FlyerTalk gunning hard for this deal, so you must be on top of your game if you want to score these points.

To win at this game I would do the following:

1 – Register for an Choice Privileges account at

2 – Go to the Discover America website at 11:00 am CST (Pre-Sale) AND 12:00 pm (Full sale) and attempt to buy the lower cost package “2 night stay at Comfort Suites for $134,” since most people will go after the higher points level Cambria Suites for $166. Make sure your keep refreshing the page until the link goes live.

3 – Checkout and use my Amex card to save another 10%

You’re probably now wondering why I would advocate buying Choice Privileges points, when I would never even consider staying at one of their crappy hotels like Comfort Inn, Quality Inn, Rodeway Inn, etc.? Well, the simple answer to your question is…I would never stay at those hotels myself, but I value these points for transfer purposes.

Remember when I wrote about getting the Southwest Companion Pass? Well, currently hotel transfers count toward the 110K points you need to earn Companion status on Southwest. You can transfer 6,000 Choice Privileges points to 1,800 Southwest points. Therefore 6,000 Choice points would cost you $22.41 with the Amex discount, and since Southwest points are worth 1.67 cents/point when redeemed for “Wanna Get Away” fares, you would be getting $30 in Southwest value, PLUS credit toward companion status!

Another value for these points is less concrete, and much less certain, but can be extremely valuable later in the year. Every year for the past few years US Airways has run a promotion called “Grand Slam” here’s a link to the 2011 Grand Slam. The promo allowed a Dividend Miles member to earn up to 100K miles (110K for elites) by earning “hits,” which were transactions like purchases through their shopping mall, hotel point transfers, etc. The only issue was that you had to transfer a minimum amount of points to qualify as a hit. One of their transfer partners is Choice Hotels. Since, Choice requires a minimum of 5,000 points to transfer to an airline, you needed to spend $55 (1.1 cents/point x 5,000 points) to get enough to qualify as a hit. This is quite expensive in my mind, when I was averaging maybe $20-25 per hit. But, with this promotion you can buy these points at a steep discount and pay just $18.68 for a hit!

As with most good deals, this will be competitive to get in on, but can be a quite useful offer if you use the points properly.


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