Aeroplan 10 Miles Per $1 For All eStore Purchases

Now through March 29th Aeroplan is offering 10 miles per $1 spent on all purchases through their eStore online shopping portal. What’s particularly appealing about this promotion is its flexibility. After conducting a random sample of many different retailers, it appears that practically every retailer qualifies for the 10x bonus! I was intrigued by Ebay Canada, since I’ve been looking at upgrading my iPhone 4 to a 4S because I’m dying for a faster phone and I want to try Siri out. Currently Ebay does not offer cash back through any US partners (they stopped offering cash back through Big Crumbs in October last year), so this seems like a no-brainer, especially if you are going to make a purchase through Ebay anyway. It also appears that you could theoretically buy a gift card from some of the retailers like Home Depot and Banana Republic, and thereby earn the miles, and purchase something later. Just make sure gift cards are not excluded in the terms and conditions for that retailer.


Unfortunately I’m not very familiar with Aeroplan’s frequent flyer program, so I can’t vouch for the value of these miles, but I’ve looked at their award chart and there are some decent values like 25,000 mile round-trip domestic US and Canada redemptions. There is also a 90,000 business class award to “Europe 1,” which I interpret as being Western Europe, and the UK.

Finally, The Points Guy mentioned in this blog post that you can book and pseudo around-the-world trip in business class for 125,000 miles. I mapped out an itinerary myself and indeed I could fly ORD-FRA-HKG-ORD in May with a one week stopover in both Frankfurt and Hong Kong for only 125,000 miles. Now, you should be aware that the downside of Aeroplan’s program is that they assess fuel surcharges on international trips booked with specific partners (United and US Airways are excluded, since neither charge fuel surcharges on award redemptions), but this seriously devalues Aeroplan miles, especially for international business class travel.


Again, some might find this promo to be a no-brainer, but just make sure that Aeroplan is the right place to accrue miles before jumping on this promo.


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