$50 Off A 2-Night Hotel Stay For Only $10 Or Less

Today Saveology is offering offering a $50 Hotel Card gift card for only $10. I can personally vouch for the value and ease of redemption for this card because I recently purchased and used one on a trip to London in November. Practically all the SPG, Hyatt and Hilton properties were either sold out or required an incredibly high point redemption, so I was left to fend for myself with trying to find a decent hotel rate. I found the Hilton Paddington on a Kayak search for $125 per night and then went to the Hotel Club link and applied my $75 Hotel Club gift card (I paid $35 for it), which brought the effective rate down to just $85. Lucky for me the gift card was valid on one-night stays (unfortunately this card is valid only on two-night stays), but as you can see this is a good way to get a discount on two scenarios:

1 – Point redemption options are not favorable (i.e. No SPG Cash + Points)

2 – You are going to a place where there are no hotel chains (i.e. Central America)

In fact, I could have used one of these $50 Hotel Club gift cards on my most recent 2-night trips to Costa Rica where there was only a Hilton at $450/nt and a Westin charging $690/nt. I was able to find a nice resort on Hotels.com for $150/nt, but I could have easily just applied one of these Hotel Club gift cards to reduce the rate even further. It seems like most hotels that partner with Expedia are also on the Hotel Club network. Not a bad (and cheap) investment to keep in your hip pocket. Just be warned that this card expires 1 year from date of issue.

Finally, to sweeten the deal even further, you can sign up and link through Big Crumbs to get 10.5% cash back on your first purchase at Saveology (3.5% cash back for existing members).  If you want to sign up, please use my referral link here.

If you really want to maximize this offer, I recommend signing up for their Elite program where for $5.00 you will get at $15 credit valid for 14 days and a free $15 iTunes gift card. Just beware that they will charge you $10 on the 15th day, so you must cancel before that. Even if you forget, you will get $15 in credit, so as long as they come out with a deal that’s worth buying, there is not much risk here.  Just sign up for the program, and use the free $15 credit to buy one, or even two of these gift cards!


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