Ticketmaster $50 off $100 with Amex + Twitter

Last week I posted about the new Amex + Twitter promotion where if you link your Amex card to your Twitter account and tweet with certain hash tags, you can register to earn a statement credit at a number of retailers. The original list included a few that I took advantage of already including Whole Foods $20 off $75 and McDonalds $5 off $5. Yesterday Amex added another offer, which seems to be quite generous, especially for music fans like myself. Now you can get a $50 statement credit after spending $100 on Ticketmaster!

Unfortunately there are no concerts coming up that I’m planning to buy tickets to (and sadly I just bought two tickets 2 weeks ago for a concert), so I simply purchased a $100 gift card at Ticketmaster. I did have to pay $2.50 for shipping, but I consider that quite a bargain, and I’m more than happy to get a discount on that annoying tax called “convenience fees” that evil Ticketmaster charges.

Just remember to register for the promotion by linking your card here.

Then post a tweet with the hash tag #AmexTix50

After you purchase the gift card you should receive an email confirming your statement credit in just a few minutes! I received my email just 2 min after my purchase and Amex says I should get my bonus in just 2-5 days. This offer ends on March 31st and quantities are limited. Enjoy!


One thought on “Ticketmaster $50 off $100 with Amex + Twitter

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