Amex Business Gold Card 75,000 Points Sign Up Bonus

I know there haven’t been very many golden credit card bonuses lately, but Amex just came out with a 75,000 point bonus for signing up for their Business Gold card.  I signed up for this card in November, 2011 and just received my 75K points this month. Although the application will ask you for a FEIN (Federal Employee Identification Number), you can just leave it blank, since like myself you are a sole-proprietor and do not require a FEIN to operate your small business. The $175 annual fee is waived for the first year.

The card is actually pretty good allowing you to earn 3x Membership Rewards points on airfare, and 2x points on gas, groceries, shipping, and advertising (1 point for everything else).

Point value: Amex allows you to transfer points to airline partners like Delta, Cathay, Qantas, Thai, Air New Zealand, Malaysia Airlines, and Singapore Airlines. In fact, they often run transfer bonuses where you can receive a 50% bonus on points transferred to miles. Hence, if you transferred all 75K points (actually 85K with the min spend) during a bonus period, you could receive 112,500 DL miles, which if valued conservatively at 1.5 cents/mile, would be worth $1,688.  Not a bad haul!

The only drawback is the minimum spend to qualify for the bonus, which is $10,000 in 4 months.  Quite steep if you ask me, but doable for some.

This deal is only valid TODAY February 29th.

Good luck.


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