Update on the British Airways 36 Miles Per Dollar Nordstrom Promotion

As many of you know, the BA promotion that awarded 36 miles per $1 spent at Nordstrom ended on Valentine’s Day. I purchased about $750 worth of items at Nordstrom, and received over 20,000 miles, which surprisingly were deposited into my BA account just 10 days after I earned them. One of the items I purchased was a purse for my wife, which unfortunately wasn’t exactly as nice as pictured on the website, so I decided to return the purse and hope for the best (a la still getting to keep the miles). When returning the item, I even asked for a gift card instead of having the amount processed back to my credit card in hopes that the transaction would go down as an exchange rather than a return.

Unfortunately the BA store is VERY well organized, and they subtracted my miles from my account less than 2 weeks after I returned the item. I had a feeling they would have done this, as many other airline shopping portals do the exact same thing with returns, but I’ve never purchased anything through the BA e-store, so I thought things might be different. I was wrong.

Now, I have to figure out what the heck I’m going to do with a $370 gift card to Nordstrom. Uggh!


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