Sign up for Rewards Network “Get Ahead Bonus”

One of the biggest no-brainer rewards programs to sign up for is Rewards Network. Most major airline frequent flyer programs and a few hotel loyalty programs partner with Rewards Network to award miles or points to members for dining at participating restaurants. You simply create an account and add your credit card number and after you pay for your meal, you will earn miles/points for your dine.

Every so often RN runs a promo where you can get additional points for a limited time, which of course is also a no-brainer to sign up for. Right now RN is offering an additional 2 points for spending more than $75 by March 31, and completing a review of each restaurant within 30 days. The offer is a bit confusing because it states that you must:

1. Enroll in the offer

2. Spend $75 at program restaurants before 3/31/12 and complete your review within 30 days of each visit

3. Earn 2 bonus points for each subsequent dollar spend dining through 4/30/12 (and continue completing dining reviews within 30 days of each dine)

What’s confusing about this is that I’m guessing you don’t get the bonus points on the first $75 of spend. In addition, it appears you must spend the $75 by March 31, but you can continue earning the bonus through April 30. Finally, in the fine print it states there is a limit of 5,000 bonus points for this promotion. Although, I’m willing to bet most people won’t even come close to hitting the limit.

Here are some of the links to the bonuses

United MileagePlus

American AAdvantage

Delta Skymiles

Alaska Mileage Plan


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