Earn Up To Two Free Nights at Marriott

Marriott just released their Megabonus 2012 promotion where you can earn a free night at a category 1-4 hotel for every two stays. You must complete your stays between February 1 and April 30, 2012. A maximum of two free nights can be earned.

In my opinion this is a solid promotion, since a free night at a category 4 hotel can run you up to $200. I redeemed my free night last November at the Courtyard Hong Kong, which would have cost me about $200 per night. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be hard to find good properties where you are traveling to because the category 4 properties are sometimes are located in inconvenient parts of a city. So far I have had pretty good luck redeeming these nights and saving between $120 – $200 each time. Finally, you should be aware that the nights must be redeemed by September 30, 2012 or they expire. However, you can usually extend the expiration for up to two weeks by simply calling Marriott Rewards.

You must register here to participate.


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