Triple Points at Club Carlson

Now through March 16, 2012 you can earn triple points at Club Carlson hotels (Radisson, Country Inn & Suites, Park Inn, Park Plaza) for every stay. You must register here first. Club Carlson isn’t my primary hotel loyalty program, but this promo can be quite lucrative, especially considering that the other major hotel programs Q1 promos are pretty lackluster to say the least.

Say theoretically that you stay one night at a Radisson and spend $100. You would earn:

Base points: 100 x 20 = 2,000

Triple point bonus: 100 x 4 = 4,000

Online booking bonus: 1,000

Total = 7,000 points

Not a bad haul if you ask me. Especially considering that I value CC points at about $0.67 each, which would net me $46.90 in points for spending $100.

In addition, CC has been running a promo through Jan 31, 2011 where you can get a 9,000 point bonus for booking a reward stay. Despite the fact that it can be hard to find properties for only 9,000 points, in fact there are only 22 properties in North America that offer a stay for only 9,000 points, this can be a nice way to get a free, or almost free stay if you travel destination happens to fall near one of these properties.


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