On Our Way to Maui and Our United p.s. Flight Experience

We made it out to Hawaii to enjoy the holidays with family on Maui and the Big Island. We flew from ORD to LAX on Dec 23rd and then to Maui on Christmas eve. Lucky for us our flight to LA was originally scheduled to be a Airbus A320, but due to mechanical issues, the flight was delayed over 5 hours, then canceled, and finally reinstated with aUnited Premium Select (p.s.) Boeing 757, which features three cabins (first, business, and economy). When we were waiting to board our flight, a dozen airport gate agents and staff rushed over to our gate to check out the aircraft configuration, since they had never seen it before. Since p.s. is only offered on nonstop service between JFK, LAX and SFO, this was a rare opportunity for them see the product. After flying so often on two cabin domestic flights, it was fun to see such a unique aircraft configuration with a business class cabin that took up almost half the aircraft! We had two seats in first class, and although the product is a bit older, the seats are almost lie flat, as they offer 180 degrees of recline, but they are angled slightly and not fully horizontal. However, I was able to sleep for half the flight, so it was a very comfortable flight. It was also nice to see that they were offering in-flight Wi-Fi through Gogo.


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