Enjoying Awesome Tacos This Weekend in Cabo San Lucas

We decided to take a quick weekend trip down to Cabo San Lucas this weekend. Since the Holiday crowds haven’t started getting too crazy, the flights were relatively empty and we even flew in first class back to Chicago!  We flew down to Cabo on the 8:30 am flight, which got us into San Jose Del Cabo airport at about noon. We’ve been to Cabo three times in the last three years, so we already know the drill. Avoid the taxis waiting to rip you off at the airport (a taxi from the airport to downtown Cabo can cost $50+). We just rent a car, which is a short 3 min van ride from the airport and off we go! This time I booked a car from Dollar, which was the cheapest I could find at $30/day. When we arrived I was shocked to see a older gentleman pacing back and forth and swearing, saying it was illegal to book a car and then double the rate when you arrived. Obviously I was a bit wary after hearing this, but I quickly realized the scam Dollar was running when the agent asked if I wanted to buy insurance.

Any seasoned traveler knows that insurance in the car rental industry is a complete scam with almost 100% profit margins. In fact, you are usually covered for everything with your auto insurance and credit card, so there is no need to buy additional insurance from the rental car company, but many people don’t know this. In this case Dollar tried to scare me into buying insurance by stating that they would put either a $5,000 authorization with no insurance, a $3,000 authorization with liability only, and a no authorization if I bought full coverage for $48/day. This was such a joke that I just laughed at the guy and said no insurance please. But the couple next to me was in  heap of trouble because they rented two cars and had already exhausted the credit limit on both their cards, so they couldn’t rent the second car. Dollar was only offering to give them the second car if they purchased the insurance, which was a complete rip off, and they ended up using their son’s credit card to get around the horrendous fees. Lesson for all…when traveling to Mexico make sure you bring multiple credit cards, and with reasonable credit limits because you never know what kind of new insane policy these companies will dream up next.

Besides that debacle, we had a great time in Cabo. We stayed at the Westin Regina, which is a superb property with a nice pools, great ocean view rooms, and a fantastic Royal Beach Club lounge. As a SPG Platinum we were given the lounge for free and enjoyed both a great happy hour from 5-7 pm with great appetizers and complimentary margaritas, beer and wine. The staff in the lounge was great and we enjoyed a few tasty Herradura margaritas on the lounge patio as well as a hearty breakfast in the morning.

While in downtown Cabo on Saturday we found a phenomenal taco joint called Tacos Guss located a bit south of the marina with the best fish tacos we have ever had. The fish portions were huge and sauteed in butter, with a homemade tortilla. You could actually see the family rolling the tortillas in the kitchen as we ate. Our server was their daughter who was a fantastic server and a very, very hard worker.

Overall it was a short trip as we spent the next morning walking around the San Jose Del Cabo downtown and enjoyed a cerveza and cigar on the roof of Shooters before leaving for the airport. Needless to say I would love to head back to Cabo again soon and fill up my belly on great tacos and a marg or two from the Westin Royal Beach Club lounge!


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