Yelp Holiday Party – 12 Days of Yelpiness!

Last night we went to the Yelp annual holiday party – 12 Days of Yelpiness at the Zhou B Art Center in Bridgeport, IL. I can’t believe this was my 3rd Yelp holiday party as a Yelp Elite Squad member. Unlike the last year and the year before this one was a bit outside of downtown, so I had to truck it down the red line to the Sox/35th stop and board a private shuttle to the art center. I was on the 1st shuttle there and only had to wait 10 min to get in.

As with all holiday parties, it was open to all Yelpers, but the first hour was reserved for an Elite reception where you pretty much had the whole place to yourself (see pic)! We were able to explore the two floors of art, free food, and drinks and hang out in the lounge before the masses started rolling in.

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The event featured some very good food. I thought some restaurants went out of their way to put forth a great sample of their cuisine. One that immediately comes to mind was Isla Philipina (Lincoln Square) serving a bowl of chicken adobo fried rice with lumpia. A huge portion and the lumpia was crispy and not greasy, and the chicken was tender and almost melted in your mouth. It reminded me of how hard it is to find good Filipino food in Chicago. I’m definitely planning to visit Isla Philipina soon.

Other vendors that stood out was Chimney Cake (Edgewater) serving some light, fully homemade cake. When we arrived at the table, quite a crowd had already gathered, but we were able to snag a piece of the cinnamon and coconut. The cake was a beautiful light texture, much like a good cinnamon roll and wasn’t overly sweet. According to their website the cake is based on a traditional Transylvanian style and made from scratch with no preservatives. I’m thinking this could be a fantastic and unique holiday gift!

Overall, it was a great event and I hope to re-qualify for Yelp Elite in 2012!


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