Our layover in Hong Kong

We’re on our way back from Thailand…it was such as short trip (just one week) and we have a 24 hr layover in Hong Kong. We stayed at the Courtyard Marriott on Hong Kong Island using a free Category 1-4 night earned during the Marriott Rewards fall Mega Bonus promo. After checking in we decided to have dinner at Yung Kee Restaurant, one of the top Cantonese restaurants specializing in BBQ roasted goose. We showed up around 8:00 pm on a Sunday night, and the wait was about an hour, so we put our name on the list and left in search of a decent bar in the Lan Kwai Fon district. We ended up getting a beer at the Hong Kong Brew House, which I was surprised to find they were serving Leffe on tap!

We returned to Yung Kee at 9:00 pm and were seated immediately. We ordered the roasted goose, Chinese broccoli with garlic sauce, shrimp and roast pork fried rice and taro and chicken curry. The goose as outstanding as expected. The style reminded me of the duck served at Sun Wah, one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in Chicago. The skin was slightly crispy, not quite as crispy as the Peking Duck we had at Du Dong in Beijing, but of course it is a different style. The meat however, was very juicy and the fat blended with the meat in a very balanced fashion making each bite mouthwatering. I was shocked by how good the Chinese broccoli was. The broccoli was crisp and firm like it should be, but the garlic sauce they cooked it in was not overpowering, but subtle and buttery. This was a welcome departure from the myriad Dim Sum restaurants I’ve had broccoli at that use too much oil and or they cook the broccoli too much. The fried rice was also excellent. I was hesitant to order it because it was priced at $140 HK ($20), but I really enjoyed the dish, with large whole shrimp, flavorful roast pork, and the dish was not oily at all. Finally, the chicken curry with taro was a bit odd, and our least favorite. The taro pieces were much too large, and had a very firm texture, which I wasn’t very fond of. The chicken was tender and marinated well in the curry spices, but I just couldn’t fall in love with this dish. Overall, we had an excellent meal, and our server was surprisingly friendly and helpful. He actually talked us out of ordering a larger portion of the goose, which was a very good recommendation as we had plenty leftover after our meal. Yung Kee was great and we enjoyed our meal, but I’m not 100% sold on it being a top 20 Asian restaurant as I was told. I’d go back for the goose and broccoli of course, but would examine what the locals were eating more closely before ordering our other dishes.


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